Join me on my journey


On Saturday 14th June Lewis was at Buckmore Park, Kent for his usual monthly practice. It was another early morning start for what promised to be a very busy race weekend.


The conditions were fine and at first it appeared to be just another ordinary day of testing.

All that changed at around 11am when a certain Anthony Hamilton arrived in the pit lane.


Lewis was just getting ready for his next session. He was so focused on the task in hand that he walked right past Mr Hamilton without even noticing him.

While Lewis was on track his parents jumped on the opportunity to have their picture taken with the dad of Lewis' hero and role model  and getting an autograph for him. Once his session was completed. he also managed to catch up with the man himself.


 Lewis Hamilton's dad was very generous with his time, talking to many of the young drivers and patiently having his picture taken with several of them.


He showed a genuine interest in the upcoming  British racing talent and seemed to enjoy his trip down memory lane. Lewis Hamilton used to race at Buckmore Park as a youngster, so his dad would have spent many a weekend here, just like we are doing now.


Having already had his picture taken with Nicholas Hamilton a few month ago during another karting session elsewhere, Lewis now hopes to meet Lewis Hamilton himself in order to complete the family album.


Mr Anthony Hamilton meets Lewis Appiagyei